Please pray for Pastor Ruben and the team that will going to India in November.


A group of us Pastor are headed to India to minister at a conference and also visit a few native Pastors of churches we support.

We support Moses Christian, he was born and brought up in a Hindu converted family.  He writes, “At the time of my grandfather they accepted Christ as their personal saviour even though I was born as a Christian  I was not born again.  I have done many sins in my life and their was a time I thought of committing sucide but by the grace of lord I received Gospel through a brother.  then I repented my sins In the presence of the lord.  I have done my MBA and I used to work in IT solutions company. But there was some thing lacking in my life then I asked God about his will in my life. Then God spoke with me through the holy spirit and through the word of God. then I dedicated my life to God to be his servant. I faced my problems and hard times in the ministry and I had many sleep less nights in tears but god’s presence was with me and he comforted me and strengthened me and anointed me with his spirit and he is using me according to his will at his choosen places. All the places where I minister the Lord are 90% idol worshipers and musilms.  My places are restricted from preaching gospel.many times Pastors are persecuted at these places. People follow witch craft, animal sacrifice at these places.”

The places where Moses ministers are Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States in India.  He reaches many that live in poor villages.

So they need your prayers and support.

If you would like to donate to the trip you can do so by clicking here. (Please note it is for “India”)


More info to follow